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  • Re: Forum Rankings & Getting Rewarded!

    Nope, @zoomdweebie, there are points & badges for commenting at different levels (going all the way up to 10k comments, even). The "first comment" badge is just one of the easy ones. :)
  • Re: Forum Rankings & Getting Rewarded!

    @erika is the "10% monthly discount" 10% off the monthly subscription fee once or for life when you earn those points? Thanks!
    It's for the life of the account (unless you get a new rank with a higher discount [meaning no stacking]). Can't transfer it to another person, and if you, for some reason, have multiple accounts, it only applies to one of them. :)
  • Forum Rankings & Getting Rewarded!

    Hey everybody! Here's a graphic going over the different rankings available (as of October 2012, anyway, as we might add more) and the rewards associated with them. Like we said in our announcements, as you keep posting and participating in the forum, we'll be giving you rewards for doing so.

    Here's the short of it:
    Do good stuff -> Get badges & points -> Get perks and discounts


    Some Tutorials:
    Posting a Question:

    Having a Post Promoted:
    Mods can promote a post that they feel is especially awesome or has good content for the betterment of the community.

    Giving Reactions:
    When you hover over a post or comment, you can let your reaction known by clicking one of the available options. It's an easy way to say "thanks" or "good point" without having to comment.

    Questions? Post them below!

    Legal Stuff:
    Agreement. We reserve the right to monitor and/or alter any and all activity and/or content on the forums, though we have no obligation to do so. By participating in our forums, in any way shape or form, you agree to abide by these rules (hence the moderation paragraph in our Terms of Use.) You further agree to our free use of any content you post without us needing to credit or compensate you for its use, either in part or in full. Moreover, any personal information we collect may be transmitted to a third party as required by any legal process (subpoena, warrant, etc.), though we promise to never sell this information for personal or financial gain.

    Service. We certainly wish to keep the rewards program active forever, but reserve the right to alter or discontinue these rewards and the terms of their bestowal at any time, for any reason. The above content does not guarantee the existence of the rewards program nor the rewards associated with them.
  • Re: Hello!

    Hi @grccommerce! Glad you're here; want to make your own post about you in here? We want to know all about you and your business! :D (Plus, once you do, you'll get a special badge.)
  • Re: Is Offering Free Shipping Worth It?

    @wheat, thanks for the comment! Which do you lean more towards; yes or no? Every question could technically have a "Maybe" answer, but then we'd get nowhere, right? ;)

    In your experience, has it been worth it when/if you've offered free shipping? Did you have to add stipulations (like "spend $X to get free shipping") to make it worth it, if it wasn't?