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  • Re: Printing the Order Summary does not show sales tax


    I've updated the link in my previous post to the current help article. Sorry about the confusion!
  • Re: Reports using the word ""Revenue"

    Hey catcrash,

    Thanks for reaching out. The product reports you are referring to can and will handle discount codes/coupons/adjustments on your orders. I dropped into your account and noticed that none of your stores are setup correctly to show this information on your product reports. Take a look: http://note.io/1VqpMIJ

    This setting is basically telling ShipStation to ignore line item adjustments/coupons/discounts on your product reports. If enabled, newly imported orders with discounts will start creating a product record and will begin to appear in your product reports. Take a look at a sample report from a store with this setting enabled: http://note.io/1ouZye3

    You can enable this setting by heading to your ShipStation account clicking on Account Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup > Edit > Products Tab. This setting does not retroactively apply to your current orders, however, it will start reporting the discount for newly imported orders into ShipStation.

    Hope that helps!
  • Re: FBA shipments not updating tracking? anyone else with same experience?

    Hey Boruch@3474C,

    I found your ticket and it looks like the example order numbers you provided are indeed orders that originated from Amazon. This scenario is actually the only time when ShipStation cannot update the tracking information back to Amazon. Ideally, if an order originates on Amazon and you need FBA to fulfill it then you would need to set those products up in Amazon to be "Fulfilled by Amazon" http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?ie=UTF8&nodeId=200243010 and they should never import into ShipStation. Only orders that are marked as "Fulfilled by Merchant" should be importing into ShipStation. Because Amazon and FBA communicate with one another, we unfortunately, will not be able to update tracking information for any FBA fulfilled order back to Amazon. Now, everything will work properly with any FBA fulfilled order and any other marketplace or cart if that helps ease any concerns.

    We have a blog post that goes into more details as to how to better handle Amazon orders, FBA, and ShipStation here:


    Hope this helps!
  • Re: Reason for different shipping rates for three similar orders?

    I just looked into your account and I see you are using FedEx International. So FedEx charges a clearance entry fee for international packages that based off the value of the customs declaration. Here are the details pulled from FedEx's Shipping Manual:

    Source http://images.fedex.com/us/services/pdf/Fees_Shipping_Information.pdf

    FedEx provides import clearance processing for international express package and international express freight shipments, and international ground shipments. FedEx may charge an ancillary clearance service fee, where applicable, on international shipments for clearance processing; for services requested by the shipper, recipient or importer of record; or to recover the costs passed to FedEx by the regulatory agency for regulatory filing. Ancillary clearance service fees that are invoiced are described on a separate line item on the duty-and-tax invoice.

    We may apply these service fees, which are subject to change, to either a U.S.- or non-U.S.-based shipper, recipient or designated third party. When possible, we will honor the shipper’s request to bill these service fees to the payer as designated on the Bill Duties and Taxes section of the air waybill or shipping label. When we are unable to honor that request, the recipient may be invoiced for applicable ancillary clearance services. When the Bill Shipper or Bill Third Party option is selected to pay duty-and-tax charges, the payer will be invoiced for all applicable ancillary service fees that are assessed for clearance in the destination country, including all fees resulting from ancillary services that may have been requested by the recipient.

    If you notice, your customs declarations in ShipStation are pulled from the product value you entered on the order. We are including that information in the request to FedEx's API. Since they are all different customs values, the quote being returned by FedEx is reflecting that. You can verify the quote is accurate by using FedEx's Web Portal to get a Detailed Quote and entering the customs values in the fields ( don't use the Quick Quote option as that only includes the base shipping cost.) The fees will be broken down in the Detailed Quote like so: http://note.io/1tn6pUe

  • Re: Product Listing Contains Multiple Different Product

    Hey Michael@39729,

    There are currently a few marketplaces that we support bundling with. BigCommerce and newer versions Magento both send us the bundle/kit information through our integration. Currently, when a bundled product enters ShipStation for those marketplaces, we show every SKU in the bundle as it's own line item to include the parent SKU.

    However, there is not a way to take an existing Product Record in ShipStation and break it down into individual units for a picklist. This feature may come in our inventory management update, however, it may not be there in the beginning. The first release of our inventory features are going to be very basic yet powerful. Things like kitting and bundling may have to come as an update down the road. So with that being said, I encourage you to head over to our feature request forum and create a topic so that our Product team can document a use case: