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  • Re: Jet.com integration?

    Hey all,

    I just wanted to update everyone in the thread that we have feedback for a Jet.com integration over on our Product Feedback forum: http://support.shipstation.com/forums/330429-product-feedback-fresh-ideas/suggestions/7107661

    I encourage everyone that's posted here or maybe reading this to head over to that feedback topic and follow the instructions posted there. Thanks!
  • Re: Can the custom fields appear on the shipping label? Or can I get the Order Number to appear on it?


    Unfortunately, due to the limitations of UPS's API, we will not be able to populate those fields the way you would like them.

    However, would you mind putting in a support ticket with us describing how this impacts your business? We would love to see what we can do for this use case example in the future!
  • Re: BigCommerce & ShipStation issue?

    Hey MainPerformancePC,

    Thanks for reaching out and providing a very detailed business case for multi-package shipment orders. Let me explain the current situation. When you remove all the branding and store logos in ShipStation, you are left with the core design of how an order should function and the designed events to ship it. Things like shipment notifications and the data transmitted back to the marketplace all fit into a simple design. Every order currently adheres to these design principles. We do this to help reduce the complexity that shipping naturally brings a business.

    Now that is not to say that we can't add to those design principles, however, there are some challenges we have to face before getting to a feature that feels powerful and useful. The last thing we want to do is tack on a function without thinking how it would impact the system or the user. With multi-package shipments, yes it's true some marketplaces/platforms do support multiple tracking numbers like BigCommerce and Magento. But what about the other marketplaces our users interact with that do not support multiple tracking numbers? Do we just disable the multi-package shipment function for those specific marketplaces? Is that really helping you ship efficiently or is it just creating a complex obstacle? There are some of the questions we have to ask when looking at and designing new features in ShipStation even the ones that seem as simple as uploading multiple tracking numbers for a shipment.

    I hope my explanation helps clarify a bit our perspective when it comes to new features. If you haven't already, I would encourage you to take the business case you've posted here and head over to the Product Feedback forum:


    Post your comments there so our product team has a better understanding of how to tackle those design challenges!