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Address Verification

I've been frustrated with the ongoing issue of address verification with various customers. Sometimes it's the customer's fault with not including an apartment or suite number, in which case the address verification feature has done its job, but it seems like often the address simply isn't found. For 95% of the addresses that are unverified on Shipstation, I can search Google Maps and get a street view of the very address that can't be verified. Most of these houses don't appear to be new construction either (in which case I could understand the address not having been uploaded in a database just yet). I'm assuming Shipstation uses USPS's own address verification database when determining these things, so I imagine my gripe is more with USPS, but still, why is it that Google can consistently show me a photo of the address that Shipstation/USPS determines doesn't exist?

It is also a little confusing when I override the existing address and ship to the location as the customer has entered it in their order information. It would be nice to add some clarification to the process when I have opted to ship to the address regardless of its status in Shipstation... It could be as simple as a RED triangle for invalid addresses that won't ship, versus a YELLOW triangle for addresses that have an issue but that I have opted to ship to anyway. Currently the only way to tell is to look at the address and see if I've edited it, with the address showing an override message, and a yellow/orange triangle remains on all addresses with issues, regardless if I've addressed the problem, or verified them myself.

Maybe I'm a little OCD, but I'd love to see some simpler way to take care of unverified addresses, and have a visual cue that I've at least looked at the addresses myself and decided consciously to send to the address as the customer has typed it in.


  • Gene@3BC9EGene@3BC9E Member
    A Usual Suspect
    I was where you are right now once. Over time I have gained experience to be able to fix 98% of addresses and get them to verify properly. If I cant get it to verify and the customer isnt responsive then I either cancel the order or send it with direct signature confirmation.
  • mfreemanmfreeman Member
    An Apprentice
    Drop the address into - that app will correct the address for you. This is really odd, since Stamps owns SS !!
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