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Creating a Return on an order - without a label

Wondering if this can be accomplished? It may sound silly but we can have a scenario where a customer would like to return an item for an exchange (they made a mistake on an order) and will pay for the shipping it back. Before they can ship it out, we have to generate an RMA# for the return - tracking and processing purposes. And later when it gets to use we send them an exchange for free of charge.

This scenario doesn't seem viable in Shipstation today - to generate a return with simple RMA# and no label. It may not have a direct value for a shipping service provider but I think it has a value for order and inventory management.


  • Janice@6A32DJanice@6A32D Member
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    I have this need too - the ability to send postage sometimes and no postage others, depending on the circumstances.
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