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Voided Packing Slips In Custom Store Integration

We have been running a custom store integration for over a year. Smooth sailing so far, for the most part.


We noticed that when our shipping team creates a label, then for some reason voids the label out and creates a new label, BOTH are sent back to our eCommerce solution via the shipNotify portion of the custom store integration. However, there is no information (that we can find) that indicates one of the tracking information is voided.

This creates a problem because we are forced to display the real tracking information (the one our team actually used) and the voided tracking information back to customers (which doesn't exist). This creates confusion among customers and our internal team.

Is there any way to tell that a shipping label is voided via shipnotify? Or is there anything that our shipping team can do with unused labels so they are NOT sent via shipnotify?

Thanks in advance shippers!
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