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Processing Shipments with "Scan To View" doesn't work for me

willzwillz Member
An Apprentice
I've been using a barcode setup for our shipping workflow and really love how it works for us so far. The only issue I'm running into is the "Scan to View" barcode on our packslips. When I scan the barcode the order appears as it should, however after this point nothing seems to work properly. I've finally figured out that whichever order is highlighted in the background takes priority. So now when I scan "scale weight" or a barcode for box dimensions it actually is putting them into the order in the background, not the order that I've just scanned the packslip barcode for.

I've tried having no orders selected in the background, but this doesn't help the behavior. The only way I can get the "scan to view" to function for me is if I have the order already highlighted when I scan the barcode on it's packslip. At that point the box dimensions, weight, and shipping service all work as they should. The rate auto updates and I can ship the order. However finding the order before hand renders the scan to view useless as I would just then use the sidebar view.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I can't really have defaults set for products as almost every order is different from one another so weights and box sizes must be scanned for every order.
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