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Is Shipstation filtering out orders from a custom store as duplicates? (And other questions)

We're building a custom store to import Groupon Goods orders into Shipstation. We have the built-in Groupon Goods integration already running, and we're trying to run both the Groupon Goods store and the custom store concurrently so that we can make sure that everything is importing correctly and without errors.

Right now, the way the custom store works is that on the half-hours we import Groupon Goods orders into our database using the CommerceInterface API v4. Then we serve Shipstation orders from that database, merging orders with the same parent_orderid per:

When Shipstation makes an update request to our custom store it succeeds without a failure message, but no orders show up in the custom store.

I've verified that Shipstation is getting valid XML that actually contains order data by sending a 500 response code along with the XML and seeing the XML output and the orders sent in the error message.

I've verified that Shipstation is actually parsing and reading the orders in the XML by purposefully omitting a field required in the schema and noting the error message.

I've also verified that Shipstation will import an order sent from our store, by sending the example order given here: and seeing that it imported successfully.

I've verified our XML output against the schema given here: .

So the only thing I can think of that could be going wrong is that Shipstation imports orders from the Shipstation-provided Groupon Goods integration and is somehow detecting the orders it's getting from our custom store as duplicates (which they technically are) and skipping over them.

Is this something Shipstation actually does? Is there any way to run the Groupon Goods integration and our custom store concurrently so that we can test everything is going well? We process around 3500 orders a day, so it's not feasible at all for us to take down the Groupon Goods integration before this custom store is properly tested.

Is it possible for the Groupon Goods integration to be updated to make this custom store unnecessary? Even if it didn't merge orders for us, even updating it so that it imported the parent_orderid along with the orders (probably just accounting for the CommerceInterface API version bump to v4) would make it so that we could merge these orders in Shipstation without having to cross-reference every imported order with a list of exported orders from CommerceInterface, identifying and merging them by hand.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks
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