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Shipstation importing Issues with Woocommerce 3.0 Update

Since Woocommerce 3.0 came out this week, Shipstation no longer is importing the customers full name, only the last name.

ALSO, it no longer is importing the requested shipping if we manually enter an order.


  • Zac@48860Zac@48860 Member
    An Apprentice
    My importing has failed completely since WC 3.0. I've been working with ShipStation, Woocommerce, and hosting support for the last two days to resolve it, but no luck.
  • Chad@5E088Chad@5E088 Member
    An Apprentice
    Same here ... we're doing hundred of orders a day. ShipStation support told me to contact WooCommerce and it's been 2 days with no response to the ticket. I hope this is resolved before Monday. We've already lost Friday and Saturday to ship orders out. I've loved this product until this update. Really wish they committed to resolving this issue before the "weekend" ...
  • Jacob@5641BJacob@5641B Member
    An Apprentice
    Our too and Fix to this?
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