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Small Display Font

Logged in to find my display is a medium font today, which screws up my column views. I can't find a place to set it back to small font view? What's going on? Are we now forced to use medium font from now on? Used to be a pull down under My Profile, I thought, that allowed you to select Small, Medium or Large.


  • ariellearielle Moderator
    An Apprentice
    Hi @David@4ED01 , we've set the default interface size to normal for all users. You can replicate the interface size on your own by using the zoom in or out feature of your browser. Chrome will allow you to change the zoom for individual tabs so you don't have to worry about constantly changing the zoom whenever you're working.

    What kind of information are you looking for when looking at the order grids? If you'd like to join a different discussion on this, another user has started this same discussion in our Product Feedback forum here:
  • gpzservicesgpzservices Member
    A Usual Suspect
    This is another unannounced change that SS did that had us all searching the whole app to find the setting. I knew exactly where it used to be...

    Granted this one is much less of a pain than the add to batch / print button move, but it shows a trend that is not to welcoming if it's a trend that may continue.

    SS +2, Customers 0 on recent changes.

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