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Shipping address incomplete?

I have a customer who lives in Italy, and it looks as if the address is perfectly fine, but the system keeps telling me that the address is incomplete.

I'd like to post the address, but I am worried about their privacy. Is there a way I can post it here without violating the user's privacy?


  • acoyacoy Member
    An Apprentice
    Hi Chris,

    Sorry about the delay! Are you still running into issues with shipping to Italy? Some regions/provinces of Italy may have abbreviated codes similar to those in the U.S. creating confusion. There could also be a specific value the chosen carrier may want to have too. It would help for our Support Team to see the address in question.

    For privacy reasons, you can reach out to our Support Team via, or by following the " ? " in the top-right corner of the ShipStation dashboard to submit a help ticket.

    Let us know so we can help out!
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