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Product Variations and SKUs (parent/child SKUs)

Hi all,

Brand new to ShipStation and trialling before committing.

i have several platforms (Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, amazon, ebay and others) and we're using ShipStaion as kind of a "multiple store aggregator" in that it receives an order from any of the many platforms and passes that info on to our printing system but I can't figure out how to have each product appear as unique SKUs for each variation. What I get now is the base (parent) SKU with the variations (child SKUs) listed in the item description (colour, size, type etc)

Our product SKUs are based on a design that can then be printed on a number of variations (mug, t-shirt, hoodie, etc) that then also have variation iof size and colour. So I might have a design SKU that is DES001 and that is to be printed on a large (L) male short sleeve tee (MSST) in red (REDD) so my SKU (in magento for example) would be DES001LMSSTREDD, but when it comes in to ShipStation all i get as the SKU is "DES001" and the variations are listed in the description.

We have a semi-automated system that receives details of each new order from ShipStation and then selects the design and variations based on the full SKU and creates a job card, but this doesn't work because the full SKU is not being passed on to our automation by ShipStation.

Is there a way to get ShipStation to have the full SKU for each item (thinking Aliases?) and would that mean importing every SKU and creating an alias for it - with the associated problems of having to have a process for new products added over time? Could I tag each new product that is not an already known SKU and have some automated process to fire and tell me to edit the alias before forwarding it to out printing system?



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