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Custom channel developer

Does anyone know of any developers who can integrate my stores with SS? I use a platform called Limited Run.

I've been importing CSV's for over two years and they just created fulfiller API. Files attached.

Will pay well! I have 43 stores and projected to have over 100 by end of year.


  • Stephen@364BCStephen@364BC Member
    A Usual Suspect might try Rajneesh - he has done some work for us so is probably familiar with bringing the data both ways
  • Tobe@41981Tobe@41981 Member
    An Apprentice
    We are a custom software development company , specializing in ecommerce integrations. We've successfully integrated various systems with Shipstation, and the LimitedRun documentation looks like they have a capable enough api. Call or email anytime: JDT Technologies. Tobe Goldfinger. 516-569-5606 (New York). I'm always happy to brainstorm!
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