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Bringing down customizations fields from Amazon

In our Amazon store, our products can have user entry customizations like names, initials etc... These customization fields are not part of the download into ShipStation. We currently have to copy and paste into one of the available fields in Shipstation. I know it is possible to get at these fields because someone just contacted me today to try to sell me a subscription to his APP that does just that. My thinking is if he can get to this info, I should be able to as well and without having to pay this guy yearly!
Any suggestions?
Thank you


  • Phil@3C112Phil@3C112 Member
    An Apprentice
    I have a similar issue. I sell "Mother's Day" candles in Amazon Handmade. The customer has several "customizations" where they can choose the candle fragrance, the name on the label, and whether or not they want a gift box. This information does not pull into ShipStation, so I have to print packing lists from Amazon to see what the customer is ordering.

    I need for ShipStation to pull in the customization information.
  • Eric@5C5F0Eric@5C5F0 Member
    An Apprentice
    Until enough ShipStation customers say they want this feature, we are just SOL.
  • supportlwsupportlw Member
    An Apprentice
    you can use Amazon's API to extract the data and Shipstation's API to load the data. It is a low effort custom development.
  • Eric@5C5F0Eric@5C5F0 Member
    An Apprentice
    Amazon doesn't have fields set up to download this info. If it is such a low effort, maybe you can include it in your existing API? What field in Ship Station would you download these customization entries to? Just so you know, I have some products where the customer places entries in 3 different fields in Amazon...that means shipstation would need to have 3 separate fields to pull this down.
    I don't think this is quite the low effort custom development you foresee.
  • oplwoplw Member
    An Apprentice
    May be you misunderstood from my user id but i dont represent shipstation. I had other similar requirements (not Amazon related) but we were able to fulfil it by doing some API development inhouse hence i was trying to help out here.

    As far your requirement goes, i see Amazon api to fetch data -

    Shipstation provides 3 custom fields to store the data and also provides an API to access it.

    You can direct message me if you have any questions.
  • Eric@5C5F0Eric@5C5F0 Member
    An Apprentice
    SORRY! I thought you worked for Ship Station.
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