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new version just released is not good - here's why

storeadmin1storeadmin1 Member
A Usual Suspect
When we as a company are shipping orders in an actual work environment and looking at our shipstation platform and selecting a customer to work on - the selected customer used to be selected in a color we could distinquish from the other customers, so we knew what customer we had selected (ie highlighted).

The new platform is one solid color by this I mean all green - and when you click on a customer I am told by shipstation support that the actual selection will be blue?? OK I will post this .jpg - the customer selected is "Rita" can you tell that it is highlighted in blue? Any reasonable person who doesn't want to squint can not tell the difference - I was told to adjust my monitor by shipstation. At the moment I am ticked since for 4 years I have never had to adjust my colors for my monitor just so I can see a very very very faint light blue color that will show me that Rita is highlighted and selected.

Who and what company out there using shipstation has time to do this - give us a color that we can see quickly so when we click on a customer we know we are working on that order.

This is crazy! I did a rough mock up showing purple as the 2nd color - this example shows "Emma" selected.

I'm thinking it's a lit easier to see the difference is color - I really don't care what color is used but there has to be a difference made that we as a business can pick up on. The old version had differing colors - need to get some shipstation folks out working in a business and let them see how easy it is when you can't quickly tell what customer is highlighter- how about working on 30 customers all green - no highlights to be see - it's a pain in the rear to put it nicely!

Take a look at the .jpg below - top picture shows the new layout in shipstation and what we now see - apparently Rita is selected and highlighted in faint blue below - I want to know who can actually see this and seriously thinks this is OK to see easily? The 2nd image on the .jpg is a rough mock up I did showing "Emma" selected.

When a company is using your software and scrambling to do shipments and if we are working on 30-50 on a screen, there needs to be some variance in customer lines or customers selected - they are now all green. To be told by your customer support that I should adjust the color settings on our monitor is not good! We've used shipstation for a number of year now and did anyone take a look at this platform prior to rolling it out - we are slowed up considerably by this new version - differing colors need to be used - why would someone take this away - simply does not make any logical sense to a business and for me to have to spent time explaining this simple function which should be obvious causes us pause as we thought shipstation knew what it meant to run a business from a shipping perspective.

Not happy at all right now!

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  • XueWei@3410EXueWei@3410E Member
    An Apprentice
    Good suggestion
    I reported the same issues to them
    Hopefully we could go back to the old version
  • storeadmin1storeadmin1 Member
    A Usual Suspect
    this is not practical for a business to select a customer and the only way to distinquish is to see the checkmark on the customer to the left of else scroll up and down on the right pane to see if the label you wish to print is the one selected. One of the number one things is to allow us as shipstation customers to know what customer of ours we're selecting. This is basis shipping 101!

    I was also told that the colors used were found on some type of online platform as suitable compartible matching colors or some such thing. this is also illogical! When a designer is designing something they should always test it out - this version tells me that the designers simply having absolutely no clue as to what it means to use the platform they are coding; otherwise, this type of platform would have never been released.

    Tweak the colors so we as shipstation customers can tell the difference between lines and customers and simply give us some highlighted color that we can actually see with a human eye unless goggles of some type are needed which will then display this faint blue highlighted color that we should be picking up on quickly!!!

    I'll attach another .jpg - who out there can tell that "Wilson" is selected! No one as now we are searching for checkmarks on the left which is crazy!

    Come on shipstation - be the leader in shipping software - making us scroll back and forth up and down and looking to the right to see what items were ordered trying to match up the customer prior to shipping a label is mindblowing to put it simple.

    This is slowing us up to the point we're folks helping us ship also noticed quickly and asked why did we change this - so now we are printing wrong labels thinking we have the correct customer selected and then having to then pack other orders that we printed the label for prior to wanting to print, thus our workflow is all over the place simply die to a simple fix of using a color scheme! Insanity!
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