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Refund on Postage for Undelivered Parcel

Trevor@57630Trevor@57630 Member
An Apprentice
Will the USPS provide a refund on postage for uninsured parcels sent via First Class International if it never gets delivered? I don't expect them to refund the cost of the item since it is uninsured. But this is one of those cases where the postage cost is more than the item.


  • chriswchrisw Member
    An Apprentice
    if the package is not able to do be delivered because of a bad address or any fault of the recipient or shipper , then they will not refund. If the package was damaged in transit they will refund the cost of item and the shipping cost. If the package is lost in transit, they SHOULD refund both the shipping cost , and the product cost ( possibly only the former though)
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