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Product bundle display options

Hi there! We're fairly new to Shipstation, and just added product bundles to our existing Woocommerce store. We're glad to see that bundles are supported, and that the bundles and their contents are shown accurately on-screen, in packing slips, and in pick lists.

It would be the icing on the cake to have improved formatting though; we and our customers find the results visually confusing. Suggestions are;
- On-screen orders/packing slips: bundle sub-components are indented or italicized, and no price is shown rather than $0.00
- Pick lists: clarity would be nice in terms of whether the contents of the bundles are accounted for in the individual component quantities or not. We're determining this manually now
- Pick lists: can an option be added to not split quantities when different shipping services are selected? We'd like a grand total of each quantity, not 5 for fedex, 3 for canada post.

Many thanks for a great product. We really enjoy using it.
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