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How can I edit the SKU/Name/Weight of a product after it's already been created in ShipStation?

I've added a bunch of products (manually one at a time) into ShipStation, but now I need to edit the weight of a bunch of them. How can I get into "edit" mode on any of the products listed so I can go back and edit the weight, name and SKU, as well as a bunch of other fields I skipped when I first created the product?


  • mikefeemikefee Member
    An Apprentice
    We have used the product export function to edit details in bulk. Basically, if you go to "Products" and select Export you can get a CSV spreadsheet with all of the item data. The only thing that you would not be able to edit with this is SKU, because the import needs that to match each item to their updated details.

    Hope this helps!
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