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"Selected service is not compatible with other settings"

I am using the API for Amazons Buy Service (for Seller Fulfilled Prime), but when I go to ship I get an error that reads:
"Selected service is not compatible with other settings"

I have tried to change the Service and Package to all sorts of different combinations with no luck.

Does the name of the package in Amazon need to match what it reads in ShipStation?


  • Frank@5746BFrank@5746B Member
    An Apprentice

    Just a heads up, I'm 80% sure SF-Prime forces us to use AMSS directly within Seller Central. I do not believe that there's an end point available to us to purchase shipping outside of Seller Central.

    This being said, I would be very pleasantly surprised if we could integrate that in ShipStation, since I'd love to be able to bring in that last component of our shipping workflow in ShipStation. Are you using general Amazon API docs or something SF-Prime specific as reference material?
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