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Lack of foresight by developers leading us to seek alternative software solution, are we alone?

We've been utilizing Shipstation for just about 6 months now and have to give credit where credit is due - it is a simple/intuitive UI that allows for easy training & onboarding of staff that use the software. However, as we delve further into the software, many blatant shortcomings & perhaps lack of foresight by the developers are causing us issues. So much so that we are now seeking alternative competing solutions. I guess we are just wondering if others are experiencing the same type of issues & shortcomings listed below and to find out how other users are dealing with them. Or at least to serve as a warning to new users that haven't yet experienced these limiting 'handcuffs' of the software. We've been out of feedback votes for a while now since almost all suggestions we make just sits at 1-3 votes and never gets a 'tag' or feedback applied to it from Shipstation's development team. Just to name a few issues we're dealing with and that Shipstation support only replies with "add it as a feedback suggestion & vote for it" :

- All Order Activity on all orders gets deleted permanently after 60 days: to which the support staff replied it would 'be too much data to deal with if we didn't do so'. If data capacity is truly an issue for this large of a company this day & age, then they have something seriously wrong from the top-down. Cloud data storage has only gotten cheaper & cheaper over the last several years, and this shouldn't be a bottleneck for them. If this is truly the case, then why is the 'deletion' of any order not an option? Why are any order/product/store records created (data) saved indefinitely? We'd like to know the order activity on any/all orders indefinitely. We were amazed that this was the case...

- Inventory Quantity Limited to 4-characters for Products: We can't be the only company that holds more than 9999 quantity of a product in an inventory.... can we be? Shipstation support has never had a workaround or suggestion as to how we can enter/track/allocate inventory of products that have quantities of 10,000 units and above due to the 4-character limit.

- No way to run a report or view how much postage $ amount was applied to a batch of labels: When processing the batch of labels prior to printing them, the pop-up does indicate the $ amount of what will be debited from your account (what we use), but after that there is no way to view that postage $ amount. Are we alone in wanting to know how much postage we paid on several batches of labels created on different sets of orders throughout the day? The only workaround we have for this is to log into our account and parse out the transaction history and try to acknowledge the timestamps for these transactions. Perhaps others know of a way to view postage costs per batches of labels processed?

- No admin control to 'unlock' a user account after # of unsuccessful login attempts: Shipstation imposes a mandatory 30 minute lock-out on any account that can only be removed when an admin user contacts support to remove the lock on that user account. What if its the admin account that gets locked out? Can a regular user contact support to unlock the admin account prior to the 30 minute lock-out period? Why not enable this 'privilege' to admin users to unlock users within their company during these times? Having a production staff member wait 30 minutes until they can access Shipstation to process orders is a considerable amount of valuable time (at least for our business) lost. Obviously in a perfect world nobody would forget login credentials and there wouldn't be malicious attempts to access an account from someone other than the user, but why require an admin to contact Shipstation support to remove the 30-minute account lock? Wouldn't allowing account admins to perform this action save both the users & Shipstation staff time?

- Branded Tracking Page Base Domain: This feedback from us actually received 37 votes and 13 comments from users outside of our company, but no response or tags from Shipstation. We like the new branded tracking pages, but why can't we insert a link / to our website or others that would enable them to see the status of their order? Or a url that uses a string that we could reference for an order like{order#number} which would allow us to link on the customers orders page that would direct to the branded tracking page?

* For all of these issues listed above we've contacted chat support with no avail, and scoured the KB & forums without remedy as well. It is somewhat disconcerting when Shipstation staff directs these types of inquiries to their product feedback/voting portal in which (at least in our case) no action gets taken after months time. We as a company earnestly want to use shipstation moving forward and for the most part love it! We were so brilliantly impressed with the software the first set of weeks, but seemingly become more disappointed & frustrated with every coming week. Hopefully this can spur some discussion moving forward to see how other users have dealt with these specific or similar limitations that we can implement today!


  • SagivsSagivs Member
    An Apprentice
    I totally agree with every you've said here.
    It seems like it's been a year after you wrote this article and some things haven't change.
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