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USPS Customs Form Integration for US Territories

I live in the US Virgin Islands, so I ship with USPS. For the most part shipping from a US territory is the same as using USPS to ship within the continental US, except that we have to include a customs form on every shipment. The customs form is integrated in all international USPS shipping labels with ShipStation, but not for packages going to or from a US territory. It is possible, as Etsy's update earlier in the year integrated the form into our labels. It would be awesome if this integration could be added to ShipStation! Is this something that may be on the horizon?

I LOVE ShipStation. I was so happy to finally find my solution for shipping from my website and Etsy shop (after much searching). Unfortunately, I will have to cancel my account since I cannot use the labels without hand writing customs forms - and I ship far too many packages to spend time doing that.



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