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Woocommerce integration


I have what is probably a dumb question, but I don't see any other threads that tackle this. We have Shipstation set up with Woocommerce, and enabled, but aren't sure which shipping method to pick. Or do we pick one at all?



  • Tatiana@60557Tatiana@60557 Member
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    Seeing as nobody else has answered this I'll do so for those who might come along later asking the same "dumb" question I did as well.

    Shipping in Woocommerce is completely separate from the shipping in ShipStation. You would think, logically, that the communication would be two way on checkout and ShipStation would provide real time quotes to the cart based off of the product attributes in the store. That's a big bowl of NOPE.

    You need to go pay for an additional plugin from Woo like USPS or FedEx and have that provide the realtime quotes. Will this reflect any discounts you might be receiving through ShipStation? Also some more NOPE unless you manually specify a discounted rate / percentage.

    This blew my mind initially. I guess that's just the way it is and I'm sure there are some very valid reasons why this the case. Nonetheless it's confusing for someone just starting out!

    The FAQ states:

    Does ShipStation have real-time shipping quote capability that can be used at checkout?

    No. Store owners will need a real-time shipping quote Extension like USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. or have an alternate way to show shipping quotes (e.g., Flat rate charge)
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