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UPS Customer Technology Program (CTP)

I never see anyone really talk about the UPS Customer Technology Program (CTP) and how it works for them. So, I'm just looking for some feedback on how the program works for others.

I've recently talked to my local UPS rep about getting a Zebra 450E ($252.75 through the CTP program). The way I understand the CTP program to work is the rep will run some numbers to see how much CTP money I'm eligible for then I can use that money on printers, computers, scales, software, ect...

Does anyone have any experience with the CTP? Anything to add?


  • nicklittlefootnicklittlefoot Member
    An Apprentice
    I've used it. It's nice when you don't have the up front cash for printers, scales, barcode scanner, etc... The UPS rep will look at your shipping to see how much you ship. Then give you an amount you can spend with their vendors (only select products). Then you are on the hook to keep shipping with UPS until the balance of the amount used is paid. Kinda like points with a credit card but these are with UPS. Don't use it for a simple Zebra, it's better to rent at like $5/month (business expense) and then they will replace if anything happens within 48 working hours, they ship a new one out and you just ship back broken in the same box. I used it for barcode scanners and a larger scale that worked with ShipStation. Made life easier at no cost and I'm going to ship with UPS anyway.
    Don't get the Epson Color label printer unless you are only using PC's and then it only works well within World Ship :( ... It doesn't work with Mac.
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