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Large Packages - Multiple Items in Order

I have a bunch of large items that get shipped individually - each box gets its own shipping label.

I have setup the weights and dims within each product record, along with the default service type, but when I view an order, all the weights just seem to get combined and there is only a single label associated with the order.

How can I set ShipStation up to recognize that a single order of 4 products will need 4 different labels?


  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey Brendan,

    ShipStation only supports order level weight and shipping. It sounds like you want to use product/item level shipping which is something our product team has been exploring, however, there is no ETA on if and when such a feature will be possible. So in your situation, I would recommend that you split the orders in ShipStation. Here is a KB article we have on split shipping:

    Alternatively, you could split the items in the order into single unique orders before the they import into ShipStation. However, they will show up in ShipStation's UI as individual orders. But they will all have the correct weights and dims for each product since it will be one product per "order".
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Brewhouse@4C1F4Brewhouse@4C1F4 Member
    An Apprentice
    Thanks for the reply Aaron. Unfortunately, splitting the orders is not an option, so I guess we'll just do this manually for now.

    Seems that a boolean value could be added to each product - for "Ships Individually" or "Cannot be Combined w/ Other Products" flag that would tell the system to add packages for any quantity of the flagged products.

    I'm probably under-complicating it, but if there is a way to vote for this feature, I have to imagine it'd be very handy for many shippers.
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