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Feature Request - Shipping Address Blacklist

With so many people using Shipstation, it would be great if you offered a shipping address blacklist that could alert my staff that we may be shipping an order to a known or suspected scammer address.

We run very tight controls on our credit cards, yet we still occasionally catch a fraudulent order (or several at a time) come through. Often times the addresses used for shipping have been identified by others as known problems for fraudulent orders. It would be great as a Shipstation user that I could flag a fraudulent shipment and share that address with other Shipstation users. It would set Shipstation apart from the competition and save your users a lot of money.

The Blacklist could work very much like it does for emails. One complaint on an address would not be enough to do anything, but multiple different users flagging the same address should then generate a warning flag during the address verification process.

Our most recent attempted fraud was to a New Jersey freight forwarder that specializes in Russian and Ukrainian packages. The total of 3 orders was a little over $1200, luckily we caught it in time. The web is full of people warning not to ship to this New Jersey address without confirmation that you are dealing with real credit card owners.

Perhaps there is already a shipping blacklist maintained on the net that you can take advantage of and help contribute to?

Doing more research on this, you can use Delivery Point Validation to detect if an address is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (a "mail drop" that rents mail boxes), or if an address is vacant. This should be very easy for Shipstation to add to the basic address verification look ups you are already doing. Simply flagging these for us would probably cut down a huge amount of the fraud we see.


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