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Shipping Volusion orders with FedEx SmartPost?

Emily@4B619Emily@4B619 Member
An Apprentice
I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this. Volusion does not support FedEx SmartPost as a shipping method. They do support FedEx Ground, 2 Day, etc., just not SmartPost. I like to ship my free shipping orders SmartPost, because it is considerably cheaper than regular ground or home delivery. Since we just started using ShipStation, which does support SmartPost, I thought I would try importing a test order from Volusion and shipping via SmartPost. According to Volusion tech support, this doesn't work. We would certainly be able to send the order to ShipStation and print a label, but it would not ship confirm correctly in Volusion. Tech support told me that it might transfer the tracking number, but not as a clickable link, and the shipping method would not transfer either. Well, my test order looks fine. It does have a blank field for ship method, but shows the carrier is FedEx and shows a clickable link tracking number, both on the website and in the email confirmation. I tested the link from both places, and it works just fine.

I'm curious if anyone else has tried this, because I don't want to start shipping orders this way and find out down the road that something is going wrong that I'm missing from this test order.
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