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Automation rule to assign weights and create packages

I have a really simple business — I wholesale boxes of sandals. A typical order from one of my retailers might be:

(1) box of Size 7
(2) boxes of Size 8
(1) box of Size 9
Total Boxes = (4)

My current process would involve importing the order from my store (TradeGecko), and the "adding" (4) total packages and manually assigning the weight of each package. But the box weights are always the same and (1) box always equals (1) "package."

Is there any way I can create an automation rule that streamlines this process and makes it less manual?


  • Anthony@459DDAnthony@459DD Member
    An Apprentice
    I am unsure if you can create automation rules to create multiple packages during the import but I know for a fact that you can assign automatic weights and dimensions for the boxes it will go in.

    For instance if Size 7 always goes in a 1x1x1 box, you can set up the rule to say if anything includes the words "Box 7" to auto populate Box Size 1 (which you will have to create prior) and Box Size 1 is 1x1x1.

    Without knowing if you can automate the multi packages if I were you, I'd just default all my packages to whatever is the most common but it seems maybe it's only 1 size and you would just need to manually add a box and you can just tab, hit the weight, and tab to hit the box size.

    I'd love to know if you can automate the number of packages if there are let's say 3 line items or for every line item there is a new package etc.
  • chriswchrisw Member
    An Apprentice
    i agree. if we can get our packages all automated that would be great . we have over 20,000 sku's to ship and there are about 7-8 box sizes, all smaller sized boxes, 16x12x10 being the largest.

    If just one item is being shipped we could automate that easily, but it is almost always multiple items, different lengths items, etc... Getting the system to figure out which size box is best is not easy, i think buying a cartonization program is the easiest, and something we may do eventually.

    Does anybody have any hints to setup a automation process on shipstation with our situation i mentioned? Many different skus and box sizes?
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