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How do I get real-time shipping rate calculation for USPS on BigCommerce?

I have setup a BigCommerce store for a client and have also installed the ShipStation app to handle shipping. I've been pouring through documentation looking for a way to display shipping rate calculations in the cart during checkout, but so far the only info I've found is that I need some type of 'custom' store integration! This makes no sense to me as this seems as though it is a basic and necessary feature to have. We are blocked from launching the store because of the glaring omission of this feature. I'm not a very advanced developer, so I am unable to do any in depth custom integration work on this. I need a fairly straightforward solution, or all the work i've done configuring and styling this store will be a waste...

Any ideas?


  • Larry@32535Larry@32535 Member
    A Usual Suspect
    Your shipping calculations with BC have nothing to do with Ship Station. You need to set up your shipping using the Shipping Manager in BC. Here is a link on how to set up your shipping for your shopping cart:
  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey Danielle,

    Larry is correct. ShipStation does not provide real time shipping rates to carts and marketplaces during buyer checkout. We consider our system a post-ordering workflow tool in that the order is "ready to ship" and all prior order management actions have been completed on an order before it imports into ShipStation.

    Fortunately, most carts/marketplaces allow some form of real-time rates that are usually backed up by a similar connection to the same carriers you have in ShipStation. What this means is that you can take that same carrier account, connect it to the rate system/plugin in that cart, and it will give you the same rate table that ShipStation is getting from that carrier. Larry's helpful link shows you how to setup carrier rates in BigCommerce.
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Peter@333C6Peter@333C6 Member
    An Apprentice
    I understand the answer, however I do still wish SS passed the shipping rates back to BC. Why? Well, I ship a lot overseas, which means I use DHL, since they're really the only competitive option for small-scale international shipments. However, BC doesn't connect to DHL, so I have to also use ShipperHQ at another $50/100 a month. All of this just to get real-time rates which ShipStation does perfectly. It's not just a cost thing, but every platform I use takes management, and adds risk in terms of something breaking, so for me, minimizing those is good, and since SS has proved to be such a good platform, and responsive when I've had issues, I'd much rather use them for the rates.
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