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Shipstation's FedEx Electronic Export Information code INCORRECT!

On all my international FedEx labels printing through shipstation, I have a Foreign Trade Regulation exemption code: NO EEI 30.37(f) which according to their website: It refers to "Exemption for export of technology and software as defined in EAR 15 CFR 772 that does not require an export license." I don't know if this is my account in particular or if ShipStation uses it as default for everyone. Whatever the case may be, it is incorrect for what I'm shipping and I'm sure for a majority of the people using shipstation as well. A more appropriate exemption code for me would be "NO EEI 30.37(a)" stating that "Exemption for shipments valued at USD $2,500 or less per Schedule B/HTSUSA classification for commodities shipped from one USPPI to one consignee on a single export carrier on a single day." That being said, if my shipment is valued more than $2,500, I need to file an EEI with the FedEx label and would like that to be integrated with shipstation. I do not wish to be slapped with a fine for shipping my product with the incorrect shipping information. What have other people been doing to get around this? What has shipstation done to solve this problem?


  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey Zack,

    Thanks for reaching out. This type of request and information will need to be pushed over to our Product Feedback forum. I see that you have already created a new topic on this here:

    But, I wanted to give you a heads up that it looks like there is another feature that is very similar to what you are requesting here: So it would be beneficial to keep all this information in a single topic for our Product team to review and ask any business related questions.

    Now just a little background on our relationship with FedEx. ShipStation has been named one of FedEx's Diamond Partners ( In order to achieve that level of recognition, our code has to be reviewed and approved by FedEx. So we work closely with FedEx to ensure that the requests we make for labels meet their shipping requirements for both domestic and international destinations. We have thousands of users currently shipping internationally with FedEx and we have not seen mention of the NO EEI 30.37(f) being a problem for those shipments.

    However, we do understand that every business' shipping needs are different and that exports/commercial invoices/customs often times need to be precise depending on origin/destination. So I encourage you to comment on that previously created thread with your business case and if our Product team needs to ask for more information they can continue the communication over there. Thanks!
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Zack@34D14Zack@34D14 Member
    An Apprentice
    Thank you for providing the forum post. That is exactly what I wanted to find and glad to see people asking for it as well.

    I'm sure shipstation knows what they are doing with meeting regulations and what not. After talking with our own FedEx representative, we need to be able to ship with NO EEI 30.37(a) exemption code to not get in trouble. We have been shipping our packages using the exemption code shiptation has been giving us no problem, but i want to use the code we are suppose to be using before it becomes one.

    Thank you again for directing me to the forum post. Do you know when that will be implemented to accommodate our store and many others that need it?
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