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Inventory Management! Which one is right for my business?

At the moment i am using the cloud cart connector to synchronize between shipstation and quickbooks online. Shipstation imports all my orders from (ebay, amazon, shopify, and many more platforms). Works great i am very happy with it. Now i am looking to find an inventory management system to fulfill all of my needs without having to re-import all of my products and orders that are already integrated with shipstation. While shipstation is working on an inventory control system, i need a temporary solution that does not offer shipping management. I love shipstation and will never need another shipping management system as long as they live! Bottom line: please help me find a simple inventory system that integrates and pulls data from shipstation that does not have a shipping management feature!


  • Brandon@436AEBrandon@436AE Member
    An Apprentice
    EXInvoice!!! I love it!
  • henrylokashenrylokas Member
    An Apprentice
    There are software's which can do the job. I would recommend Multiflex rms software It will possibly do the job for you. Let me know if it helped. Btw EXinvoice is really good! I have heard lots of good reviews about it.
  • Shaye@33F32Shaye@33F32 Member
    An Apprentice
    Is there a web link for EXInvoice? Would be great as we are also looking for a similar solution until ShipStation rolls out their inventory solution.
  • happaprincehappaprince Member
    An Apprentice
    There are tools like Veeqo which do inventory management quite well.
  • Martin@39040Martin@39040 Member
    An Apprentice
    we use ecomdash and we are happy withit. Once everything is set up it does a pretty good job!
    But the User Interface need a bit of training - but it is working great.

    But i also noticed that shipstation is working hard on the inventory stuff. We see a lot of test integration here lately, so hopefully they are ready soon - i would love to change :)
  • Chris@45023Chris@45023 Member
    An Apprentice
    @Shaye@33F32 I can't find EXInvoice on the web either. Did someone get you that link?
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