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Cheaper USPS rate by eBay Shipping.

I've using ShipStation for long time and recently find out there is better USPS rate available from eBay Shipping if the customer is zone 4 or closer.
For example, a 12x12x12 size 10 lb package ship to zone 4 will cost us over $9, but eBay shipping is only cost a little over $7,
I'm wondering if Shipstation (or will match the same rate.


  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey Jim

    Thanks for reaching out. As it turns out, eBay has a special contract with USPS for those volume sellers that print postage specifically through eBay's UI. The contract with USPS through Stamps is a bit different and thus the rates will also be different. All these contract rates are "out-of-the-box" so to speak. Stamps/ShipStation will support individual Customer Commitment Agreements with USPS. Requirements are set by USPS and outlined here:

    Commercial Plus Prices
    1.3.1 Basic Eligibility
    For prices, see Notice 123—Price List. Commercial Plus prices are available to Priority Mail (including Critical Mail) customers who qualify for Commercial Base prices and whose cumulative account volume exceeds a combined total of 5,000 letter-size and flat-size pieces (including Flat Rate Envelopes, but not the Padded Flat Rate Envelope) or 50,000 total pieces in the previous calendar year (except Priority Mail Open and Distribute) and who have a customer commitment agreement with USPS (New Priority Mail customers see 1.3.2), and are:

    a. Registered end-users of USPS-approved PC Postage products.
    b. Permit imprint customers.
    c. Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) customers whose account volume exceeds 600 PMOD containers (see 705.18.5.1).
    d. Permit holders using MRS for mailpieces returned at Priority Mail prices when all MRS requirements are met (505.3.0)
    e. Customers using USPS-approved IBI postage meters that print the IBI with the appropriate price marking for commercial price items (202.3.3) and electronically transmit transactional data daily to USPS for all mailpieces and mail categories.

    If you feel like you meet or exceed these requirements then I encourage you to reach out to USPS to see what sorts of discount rates you can get through them directly. You can also reach out to Stamps directly to see if there are other programs that would qualify you for deeper discounts:
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
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