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Quickbooks Integration

In regards to this feature request, I thought I would start a thread here to open up discussion about this feature request for those who may not have seen the feature request in the other section

A few questions I have:

Is ShipStation still considering QuickBooks support?

If so, where do we stand? When could we expect to see this feature rolled and and available for use?

Judging by the response in the feature request post, this is a pretty popular with current users of ShipStation. We're excited about this and hope to see it usable in the near future!


  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey Alex,

    The forums are really designed to be more of a place for people to talk about what integrations we currently have, any workarounds you found, helpful tips for working with in the app, etc. not requesting features. That's why we've got the feature request section open and available for use. So, a discussion directly surrounding a potential quickbooks integration, and especially our action about it, should stay in that feature request section. Thanks!
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