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Can't find preset for choosing package type based on WHERE the item is being delivered?


I sell coffee mugs, and I'm having trouble setting up my USPS shipping settings! Including packaging, one mug weighs 14oz, and a set of two mugs weighs 1lb 11oz. I live in PA, so if I'm sending one 14oz mug to California, it is much cheaper to put the boxed mug in a Flat Rate Padded envelope. But if I'm sending one 14oz mug to New Jersey, it's cheaper to send it in my own box, enter the dimensions, and select "package" in the options.

So is there a way that, when I receive an order from California, it automatically chooses the Flat Rate Envelope for me, and puts in the weight and dimensions for me based on whether I'm sending 1 mug or a set of 2? And when I receive an order from a near-by state, it automatically chooses package, with the preset dimensions?

Thank you so much!

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