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we have excess order fulfillment capacity...

gkrawiecgkrawiec Member
An Apprentice
The guys from support told me to post this here, so apologies if it sounds like spam...its not intended to.

We've been doing online retail for a few years. We currently work with magento go, amazon and shipstation. Due to the nature of our product (we have very high sales peaks) we need to have a bunch of people on staff. During the sales peaks which last very little we are fairly busy. The rest of the time we have people that could be doing something else if they had to.
So we've been thinking about this and decided that maybe we can offer very simple fulfillment services. We could offer a simpler rate calculation than most services out there, it would most likely be cheaper too. It would be geared towards customers with the following profile:
-small business with small volume of sales (around 50-200 orders per day)
-product being sold cannot be too bulky or have special storage requirements
-people running the business are willing to do mostly everything online, but have problems dealing with the physical side of sales because of scheduling conflicts (this is where we were last year and why we ended up hiring our own people...we couldnt find any fulfillment service for our profile).

Basically we would make sure the product is packed and shipped on do everything else. To save money, we would charge just for that service. You would deal with postage, and even with your specific packing supplies...which we could keep separately.

Sorry if this is not 100% clear, but we havent actually started doing this yet, so its all just an idea. If you have questions, feel free to ask, or if you have suggestions, feel free to suggest. The idea is it would be very accessible, but absolutely not be a full service center.

Let me know what you think about this.



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