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Packing slip grey header change?

Blake@31363Blake@31363 Member
An Apprentice
Is there a way to remove the grey header on the top of the page where it says packing slip, and above the item info? I would just prefer it to have a white background and have "packing slip" typed in black ink.


  • Mark@31550Mark@31550 Member
    A Usual Suspect
    The default template has CSS used for styling things, but it isn't editable by us. However, we can simply override the default CSS by providing our own.

    I create my own copy of the default template, and then in the Order Header section, I put my own style element
    Within that you can add your own CSS. To override the default for those headings, within the style tags, add the following CSS
    	th {
    That should do it for you.

    Here is a link to an article on customizing your print templates, and if you scroll towards the bottom, you will see a couple of links to downloadable files. One of them has the actual HTML for the default templates with the default CSS shown, so that you can know what they are setting as a default. It's very helpful to see the whole thing in one file, with the hidden code that isn't in the template editor in the admin settings.
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