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Product Import Results - "The Connection was not closed. The Connection's current state is open."

Greetings everyone,

For the last few days, I've been trying to update product listing in Shipstation with the addition of a warehouselocation. I've done this plenty of times before without a problem.

Here is a screenshot of the error

I've been doing everything the same. I enter the SKU, Name, WarehouseLocation, and Active.

Thanks for your help!


  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey Michael,

    That looks like a very nasty exception error. I am not aware of any recent changes made to the product CSV import process. So if you haven't already would you mind placing a ticket in with our tech support team? One of our agents will be able to troubleshoot the issue for you and find out what is causing that exception error to be thrown.

    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
  • ryanleberryanleber Member
    An Apprentice
    I'm having the same issue. The file I'm importing is an edited file that I exported only 3 minutes prior. The only thing I changed was a few product titles, nothing else.
    Just to test, I exported 42 items from the ShipStation inventory, changed nothing, and immediately imported it back in.
    Same error. One for each of the 42 lines.
  • ryanleberryanleber Member
    An Apprentice
    Hi, me again. If anyone else is having this problem, it's because you are uploading an inventory file that contains active AND inactive products that referencing each other. Yes, even though there is a column in the file specifically for "Active = TRUE or FALSE," and a column specifically for "ALIAS."

    I noticed this because the error code shows what line the error happens at, and it always happened at a line that had an entry in the "ALIAS" column. You can leave that product in, because that's the active product, but you need to remove the inactive one (the one being referenced by the "ALIAS" column).

    My guess is that it's because ShipStation reads the import file and suddenly sees a new SKU in the ALIAS column (column X), but it thinks it's reading the SKU column (column A), and it completely trashes everything after that point because it's lost its place.

    Hope that helps!
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