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Cheaper Shipping / Bubble envelope packaging

tennisrustennisrus Member
An Apprentice
I have seen some people at the post office standing next to me with bubble envelopes that are priced for a couple dollars. Currently I use the flat rate bubble envelopes that are double the price!

If I acquire these magical bubble envelopes, is there a way shipstation can also save me money and get me the cheaper shipping? I dont know what to put it under, envelope? Thick Envelope? Or do I create a dimensional item?


  • tennisrustennisrus Member
    An Apprentice
    See the attached as an example (it was a customer return)
    2340 x 4160 - 3M
  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey tennisrus,

    That looks like it would fall under the "Large Envelope or Flat" package type for USPS. However, there are minimum and maximum dimensions that the envelope must fit into when using "Large Envelope or Flat" for any USPS provider in ShipStation. Just to be sure, I would double check the dimensions of the envelope and compare them to the requirements in the USPS Mailing Manual:

    If the envelope is bigger than any of the maximum allowed dimensions for a "Large Envelope or Flat" then it is considered a parcel:

    But to answer your original question, Flat Rates are really cost effective for parcels that are heavier than your average package but can fit in the predefined USPS package/envelope. If your packages aren't really that heavy, than you can probably reduce some of that cost by just purchasing those regular bubble mailers and using the "Large Envelope or Flat" package type in ShipStation so long as the package meets the requirements above. But again weight is really what determines how much the postage is going to cost so you might find weight tiers where the cost comparison to Flat Rate is negligible.
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
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