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Hi from CreekTreeUSA

We'd like to introduce ourselves to everyone in the forums. Bob & I (I'm Nancy) have been running our online businesses for about 9 years now. We have 4 online stores, and also sell on Amazon and eBay.

Our main store is our CreekTreeUSA store where we sell glass hummingbird feeders, tuned wind chimes, Kitras hand blown Art Glass ornaments, oil lamps and bird feeders, and lots of unique outdoor decor items. These products are also the main ones we sell on Amazon and eBay.

We also have our Faery's Whimsy store which features fantasy items such as beautiful hand-crafted sterling silver ear cuffs and pendants, fantasy art ceramic tiles, ornaments, t-shirts, books, as well as hand blown glass Witch Balls and Spirit Balls, as well as other items.

Our Wizard's Whimsy store is undergoing an evolution right now, getting away from the collectible swords and knives and focusing more on fantasy jewelry, including Lord of the Rings, beautiful pewter goblets and tankards, etc.

Gothic Shadows features a mix of Gothic and Fantasy jewelry, as well as a few tankards and goblets, Gothic art prints.

Our grandson Micah has worked with us many summers and holidays since he was 13. He has just come to work for us full time now, so we're glad to have him on board.

We've been using and UPS WorldShip, and had been looking for quite awhile to find the functionality of ShipStation within our budget. We've been using ShipStation less than a week, but are quite impressed so far with the ease of use and time savings it brings to our shipping processes.

We're looking forward to learning from everyone in the forum.

Bob & Nancy



  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hi Bob & Nancy! Glad to see you here on the forums. Do you happen to have links to your stores? I'd definitely love to check them out; my husband collects swords & knives, especially of a fantasy/medieval nature. :)

    And, you're also now officially a Forum Founder! Congrats!
  • creektreecreektree Member
    An Apprentice
    Hi Erika,

    Yes, we have links -- I just forgot to include them earlier. Here they are:

    Faery's Whimsy
    Wizard's Whimsy
    Gothic Shadows

    Unfortunately, we don't have much left in the way of collectible swords and knives in our Wizard's Whimsy store. We've sold out of almost all of them. But you never know -- we might have exactly the one he needs!

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