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Product Listing Contains Multiple Different Product

Michael@39729Michael@39729 Member
An Apprentice
Greetings everyone,

I have yet another question for the wise council of ShipStation. My company often sells kits that contain multiple different product. Is it possible for ShipStation to take a product that is actually a kit and break it down into the specific product that comprises the kit? I'll use an example below:

Kit Z is made up of Product A, 2x Product B and 5x Product C.

It is possible to tell Shipstation that Kit Z, which currently resides in ShipStation as a product, to break it down into its individual units for the picklist? I know that ShipStation is working on an inventory management system and I hope this is going to be a part of it if there is nothing that we can do right now.

Thanks everyone!


  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey Michael@39729,

    There are currently a few marketplaces that we support bundling with. BigCommerce and newer versions Magento both send us the bundle/kit information through our integration. Currently, when a bundled product enters ShipStation for those marketplaces, we show every SKU in the bundle as it's own line item to include the parent SKU.

    However, there is not a way to take an existing Product Record in ShipStation and break it down into individual units for a picklist. This feature may come in our inventory management update, however, it may not be there in the beginning. The first release of our inventory features are going to be very basic yet powerful. Things like kitting and bundling may have to come as an update down the road. So with that being said, I encourage you to head over to our feature request forum and create a topic so that our Product team can document a use case:
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Kevin@37F6BKevin@37F6B Member
    An Apprentice

    As a company that heavily relies on kits with several SKU's in them, we understand your pain. We tried working with ShipStation to make an update to their API to accept a bundle feature from ChannelAdvisor. Unfortunately, for the past 10 months we've been getting the run-around. This has been, and continues to be, an extremely frustrating experience... they do not seem to care.

    Integrating a bundle feature directly into their system is a lot more work. Do not expect to see this feature added any time soon. We are searching for other shipping software solutions and if you rely on bundles/kits heavily, I advise doing the same.
  • Michael@67FBFMichael@67FBF Member
    An Apprentice
    Has the platform improved for this at all? I'm experiencing something similar. I would like shipstation to only list the components of my kit and not the kit product itself (from woocomm). What's happening is the bundle package is coming in as line item (which doesn't work well on shipstation) and the individual components. So the efficiency and accuracy is off on the packing slip details. Is there a workaround yet?
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