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Shipping to Canada

Marcus@34141Marcus@34141 Member
An Apprentice
I'm trying to do more business internationally and was hoping to get some insight from the members of the forum that ship a lot to Canada:

1. Do you put harmonization codes on every package that you ship to Canada.
2. Any tricks that you use to get items through customs quickly. I've shipped to Canada to the past when I actively marketed there but got tired of items getting hung up in customs and not being able to accurately inform the customer of exactly what was going on with their order once it crossed the border.
3. How do you determine what your shipping rate to Canada will be to insure that you aren't charging too much and deterring business or too little and losing money on shipping?
4. Do you use First Class International to ship to Canada or do you always use Priority Mail or UPS/FedEx/DHL for shipping to Canada?

Any help or information anyone could provide would truly be apprecaited. If you know of any good resources on international shipping as well please feel free to leave a link as well because I don't mind reading. Just trying to understand so I can do more business abroad.
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