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Barcoding - Adding a Carriage Return to create a new line in excel in packing slip

Felipe@3B6D2Felipe@3B6D2 Member
An Apprentice
I'm trying to add a to the packing slip so the inputter can start a new line prior to scanning the order number. The inputter will be wirelessly scanning from the floor.
Data is inserted into excel.

I'm new to barcoding, so I'm probably doing something silly, but it's explicitly adding the characters rather than the action.
Barcoder is set to add a tab as suffix as i need to scan multiple codes per line. Number of columns depends on the number of items.

(note: forum is stripping code, replace { } with the correct tag arrow brackets)

{barcode size="small"} [CR] {/barcode} e.g. will input [CR]{tab}
{barcode size="small"} ~013 {/barcode}
{barcode size="small"} ~13 {/barcode}

I'd prefer to not need to write a macro for a specific character input, but can do that if needed.


  • nicklittlefootnicklittlefoot Member
    An Apprentice
    I have a couple barcode scanners and in the manual there was a set of barcodes I could scan to add or remove a Carriage Return to the end of scanning a barcode. I'm able to put the scanner in a program mode then scan instruction (add carriage return) (turn off beep) (always scan/ only scan when trigger pulled) etc. then end program mode and the scanner remembers this for all future scanning. Not sure if this helps?
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