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Need Inventory add-on, Unleashed, DEAR, TradeGecko?

I was wondering how to move forward and I need an inventory package that integrates with my accounting and shipstation.

I was told that Shipstation does integrate with Unleashed and DEAR but I don't see them on the list. I have heard good things about DEAR & Unleashed and they both integrate with XERO.

I know Shipstation is working on an inventory solution but I am busting at the seams and can't wait. I am in communication with Stitch and would have been very happy but there are two sales channels Stitch cannot accommodate - I know they are also working on that.

Shipstation was my first leap from shoe-box filing/manual labeling to Web-Based shipping.....the best! The integration thing is perplexing.

I am hoping someone might share any of their inventory/accounting experiences.

My business sells online via Ebay, Amazon, Amazon FBA, Paypal and Sears. Our inventory is 50/50 light manufacturing and finished goods, trend is leaning more towards finished goods.

We sell Retail, Commercial, and Wholesale. We will have a sort of brick & mortar by mid-2015. Transactions about 1500 - 2000/week.
We are increasing commercial and wholesale.


  • Chris@3A07BChris@3A07B Member
    A Usual Suspect
    I'm currently in a pilot test with Xero, DEAR, and Shipstation. So far DEAR and Shipstation seem to work well. If you enter your sales order in Dear (which I think can be done via their API as well as manually), and then 'Authorise' it for shipment, it will get pushed into Shipstation where you can then fulfill it as you normally would. I *think* the DEAR invoice then gets pushed to Xero but I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way for Shipstation to push orders with shipping cost, tracking, other info over to Xero. Ideally DEAR acts as your inventory and purchasing environment, Shipstation handles fulfillment and customer order emails, and Xero handles all your billing and reconciliation. Hope this helps. The integration stuff is tricky but once you get it setup it can save you an enormous amount of work.
  • WayneWayne Member
    A Usual Suspect

    Were you able to get your Xero to work with the large number of transactions?

    Would love to hear updates from both of you as I am about to jump to Dear and Xero. After a lot of research, I was thinking this was a good option for us, but now I am thinking I may need to start looking again. Yikes!

  • Debby@328F8Debby@328F8 Member
    An Apprentice
    Hi Wayne,

    I am so sorry for the tardy respone. I don't know how I missed your question.

    NO. Xero has agreed that my data already started to degrade as I was inputting December 2014. Although not very open, i.e., in community, and very slow to respond and then even slower to admit that my small business (I still work as an ICU Manager at night) was too large and had too many transactions. Further, they had no way to increase my file share. This will also be a problem for Quick Books Online, although I believe they are working on it.

    I am very disappointed abouth the Xero outcome. I have two complete years of just about "auditable" Financials. I really like the program and would have been happy to pay double or even triple just to keep going.

    Recently, I needed 2014 and 2013 Financials to support a new lease and had a nightmare just trying to download the P&L and Balance Sheet. Data is almost not possible to extract. Yes, I am working on setting up another program but lack the zip.

    The bottom line is: Xero cannot accommodate more than 1000 transactions a month. Don't get giddy and think you may have a pass because that includes any and all transactions not just sales like your business bank imports and business credit cards transactions,

    Amazon and EBay, especially during Christmas, combined were +/- 2,000 transactions per month.

    At this point, I hope that any and all online retailers/wholesalers with potential for volume might be alerted and investigate further before investing 12-hour days and 4-6 months of work, all to add up to virtually nothing.....turn around and have to do the whole darn thing over again.

    I wish a magic wand would appear and somehow increase the file size or ram or whatever Xero needs to accommodate.

    I wish you the best in your software search.
    Oh, just an aside, Shipstation was the first software I began using and nothing, nothing, comes close and that is why I am holding out for the Shipstation Inventory.

  • WayneWayne Member
    A Usual Suspect
    Yeah, I was afraid of that. I guess I will have to look into other options. I like cloud services, but maybe this is just not an option for the accounting. We already exceed the 2000/month.
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