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Single order with multiple shipments

Hello All,

I am trying to find how to create a single order with multiple shipments. Is this possible in ShipStation? Any idea if API support this?

Kind Regards


  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey @mazhar,

    ShipStation does support multipackage shipments with UPS and FedEx! This article from our knowledge base should help answer some of your questions!
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
  • mazharmazhar Member
    An Apprentice
    @aaronl Thanks for spontaneous response! When you say multi package shipments does it mean all packages will have same shipping address or they can be sent to different addresses? I saw the article you provided but I am not sure if it will allow me to ship packages to different addresses. I was kind of looking for creating two shipments to two different addresses against a single order.
  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys

    Yeah that feature is for multiple packages being sent to the same address. Its actually a service that UPS and FedEx offers to help keep large shipments organized and tracked by a single master tracking number. Unfortunately, multiple shipping addresses for a single order is not supported in ShipStation. In this case, I would recommend splitting the order in ShipStation and just have the second order number something like XXXX-2, etc.

    When you split an order you can tell ShipStation what products you want to keep on the original order and what products to move over to the new order. Also, this way the new order can record the 2nd shipping address for your records.

    Here is another article on how to split orders in ShipStation.

    One note, with this method you may have to manually update the tracking information in your marketplace so please keep that in mind!
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
  • mazharmazhar Member
    An Apprentice
    edited November 2014
    Thanks for making it clear. This leaves with only option which to split the order. BTW allowing multiple shipments against single order will be a nice feature for your software. Please float the idea in your team if its not already. :)
  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys

    We have a feature request forum that our product team scans for new ideas to implement into ShipStation. It looks like someone has previously suggested this same topic.

    I will also pass this information up to our team internally, maybe we can see this feature in the future! :)
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
  • hipsoulhipsoul Member
    A Usual Suspect
    edited January 2015
    I'd like to agree...

    Believe it or not, customers like to EXCHANGE items for a different size...
    this happens a LOT... we need a better system to handle common situations like this.

    Unfortunately, ShipStation has very minimal features that help us fulfill exchanges and keep track of them properly...
    first and foremost, let US edit the line items for each order on a "split order"... don't FORCE IT so that the line items have to come from that order...
    you built a "duplicate order" feature, then crippled it. :/

    We're currently forced to overwrite the old shipment and reprint a new label (then write a note to try and keep track of what happened),
    and this hack/slash method leaves us NO way to keep track of how many exchanges we dealt with over the year. :/

    Exchanges are a very common business practice...
    while emailing my customers a free shipping label?? Not so common (and in our case, entirely useless).

    This all falls into the same convo I once had with a SS dev about adding "editing" features to the interface,
    allowing us to do what we please with our orders, instead of restricting everything.

    The reply made sense at the time...
    "we prefer to let the channel do the updates, then SS downloads any changes".

    That was great until I looked into the details and discovered, this concept doesn't actually work...
    if I do a FULL refund at Paypal (never mind a partial refund), SS doesn't EVER re-download that change...
    I have an order in my account right now that was refunded a week ago... still showing PAID in ShipStation!! :/

    The same issue applies to Etsy and ZenCart...
    which means, we have a ton of orders in our ShipStation history that have a whole variety of WRONG data (relative to the source).
    This is a real disappointment.

    Since ShipStation is the only software in the fulfillment chain that can truly act as a HUB to ALL our sales channels....
    I would prefer to use SS as homebase... do my taxes based on SS data... trust SS to be an accurate hub of all my sales data.

    But we can't, because you guys won't let us edit our own data.

    SS could be the "core organization app" of every business that uses it...
    but you guys insist on keeping one hand tied behind our back.

    All I want is the flexibility to update my orders with the most current data...
    I don't trust SS to update my data from an old version of ZenCart, or an underdeveloped API from Etsy.
    One size does not fit all... and it's hurting the usability of SS.

    I don't think editing order data is really asking that much.... but the way SS works now, it's forcing my "core" app to retain outdated information...
    making the "reports" section a bit of a joke, since it doesn't take into account the cost of EXCHANGES, SHIPPING FEES ON THE EXCHANGE, ETC.

    Yes, as you mentioned above... we could "split" the customers old order into a new one, but you can't split ONE shirt into a new order...
    and you guys won't let us edit the order data... so we're forced to MANUALLY re-enter the customers entire order, shipping address and all,
    just to send them an exchanged shirt size. :/

    It's just silly... I realize you guys don't sell clothing... but lots (and LOTS) of people do...
    please try to take more consideration for businesses who deal with order changes on a DAILY basis.

    Not everything is a "Return"... sometimes the customer just changes the color of the shirt before we even ship it...
    ZenCart doesn't allow us to change the color of the product option in their admin, so there's no way to have SS update it (if that feature even worked).

    There are many situation where a business owner needs to update their own data...
    and ShipStation is the best place to do that... please install as a reference of how data flexibility works.

    So please, please, please... stop acting like it's not a big deal...
    include an option that let's the business owner choose to update their order data manually after the initial download,
    let those who don't need it, stay the status quo and trust your system.

    I want to use ShipStation to organize my business...
    please get outta the way and let me own my data.

  • ugpadminugpadmin Member
    An Apprentice
    Please vote on this idea in the shipstation feedback forum here:

    This is to prioritize development of assigning multiple packages through the API.
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