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Parent Item SKU which triggers subsequent child items' SKUs in Shipstation


I am working on setting up my webshop and need someone who can direct me in right way.

I have a website on which I have a custom store integrated with shipstation for fulfillment by Amazon. I have a store at amazon too where I sell Product1, Product2, Product3

While on my site I want to sell product bundles/packs for example; ProductBundle1, ProductBundle2 and ProductBundle3 on my site.

These bundles will have a combination of product1, product2 and product3 which I sold separately at amazon.

The question is now that how can I setup ProductBundles's SKU on my site so when someone order that bundle, it triggers all the subsequent products at amazon ?

Is there something I need to work in shipstation or I need to do / develop something in my shopping cart.?

Please guide me.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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