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Magento OrderPayment Methods - are they supposed to be imported? (needed for automation rules)

I want to create special emails and packing lists for orders that are "paid" via a purchase order. ShipStation automation rules support selection criteria of "Payment Method" but it looks like the payment for all the orders is blank.

Aren't Magento payment methods supposed to be imported with the order? I believe it can be retrieved via "$order->getPayment()->getMethodInstance()->getTitle()"


  • Wheeler@30EF7Wheeler@30EF7 Member
    An Apprentice
    According to ShipStation support: "I did some research into this, but as it turns out we do not currently support this field from Magento. I took a look at the feed we received from Magento for this order, but I wasn’t able to locate a payment method field from that marketplace. In order for our system to read it, the field would need to be titled : "

    I haven't studied the shipstation code on our site but am thinking Export.php may be the file that pulls the order information. I guessed and added the following code:

    $helper->fieldsetToXml('payment_method', $order->getPayment()->getMethodInstance()->getTitle(), $xml);
    $xml->endElement(); // PaymentMethod

    I confirmed "$order->getPayment()->getMethodInstance()->getTitle()" returns "Purchase Order" for the order I tested which was what I wanted to see.

    Any idea on what other files need to be updated to get sent to ShipStation?
  • Admin@3361EAdmin@3361E Member
    An Apprentice
    I am also trying to get payment method to populate in ShipStation. We are using Americommerce, but the problem sounds about the same. I was able to get my hands on the xml sent from our cart to ShipStation and it seems as though the data is being sent. I just don't have a way to add this info on our packing slips. If anyone figures this out, I am all ears.
  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys

    Are you using the Purchase Order field in Magento and do you have it setup to export that field into the XML? If so we can map that field to a Custom Field#1 in ShipStation. There you can build an automation rule based on what that field contains. This would help separate the purchase order numbers from the regular orders. Here is how the XML feed from Magento should look!


    Though the problem does sound similar, I do not think we have this same field mapped in ShipStation for Americommerce. We can look into what is needed to open this field up, however it will be a feature request. Please submit a ticket to our support team with an example order and if possible the XML being sent to us and we can look into a feature request. Thanks!
    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
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