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Differing shipping weights, same costs

Hi there everyone,
I had a question about shipping weight that I was hoping someone could answer for me. The vast majority of the orders that we ship weigh under 3 ounces and are shipped using USPS First Class with Delivery. Sometimes the orders weigh under an ounce, sometimes over an ounce, sometimes over two. Since the USPS First Class Rate is the same from 1-3 ounces, is it necessary to accurately indicate the weight for all these different orders? Or it is acceptable to automatically list the weight as 3 ounces (as the cost is the same) for the shipping label? Just trying to figure this out because it could potentially save a lot of time for order fulfillment.

Thanks so much for the help,


  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    edited July 2014
    Hey Quin,

    You are okay with using 3 oz for most of your orders so long as the total weight stays below 3 oz. This will help keep your automation process simple and straight forward in ShipStation. The Post Office won't have a problem with a First Class label saying 3 oz and an actual package weight of 1 oz. The only concern could be if your packaging (box & bubble wrap etc) pushes your total weight over 3 oz which is something you can easily determine.

    Just a note: These rates refer to First Class Package weights with USPS

    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
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