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Switching between domestic and international labels?

gouletpensgouletpens Member
An Apprentice
We do all types of mail - 1st class, Priority, Express - to the US as well as all countries. So our labels fluctuate between the 4x6 vertical label for domestic and 1st class international, and the larger horizontal half sheet for international Priority/Express. We use the Dymo 4XL label printer for the 4x6 labels, and a regular laser printer for the full sheets of paper. I can't seem to configure ShipStation properly.... when I select the 4x6 print setup under Settings, it's fine for everything on the label printer. But when I have those international situations and select my regular printer, the label keeps wanting to format as a vertical 4x6. Does this make sense? I feel like I am missing something.... it should be easier than this. Oh yeah, we're using Macs. Thanks!


  • WayneWayne Member
    A Usual Suspect
    Maybe I'm doing things wrong, but I use the 4x6 labels for everything. When we print 4 copies for the express international, etc we just leave them on the sticker sheet and put them all in the documents bag. So far this has been fine.

  • gouletpensgouletpens Member
    An Apprentice
    Hmm, I never thought to try that! Will have to play around with it again tomorrow. Thanks!
  • KidsFlyTooKidsFlyToo Member
    An Apprentice
    I am with Wayne, but I don't make 4 copies. It is my understanding that the electronic information is saved when you use Shipstation and only 1 copy is needed bc the info is electronically captured. I have had no issues shipping to japan, Russia, Belgium, Japan, Australia, or Israel using the 1 label 4x6 label method...
  • gouletpensgouletpens Member
    An Apprentice
    Ah, that seems to work well! Thanks so much!
  • littlesaplingtoyslittlesaplingtoys Member
    An Apprentice
    @Wayne Thanks! I was wondering about the copies when we switch over to a thermal printer.
  • ilashinc3ilashinc3 Member
    An Apprentice
    Our Zebra Thermal printers wont print the Bar code in a high enough resolution that can be scanned so we end up printing or international labels to the Laser printer, anyone have any advice?
  • hipsoulhipsoul Member
    A Usual Suspect
    ilashinc3 said:

    Our Zebra Thermal printers wont print the Bar code in a high enough resolution that can be scanned so we end up printing or international labels to the Laser printer, anyone have any advice?

    We're having this problem as well...
    we need the correct settings that fix this for the uber-common LP2844 printer.

    The postman just complained that the print is a little too crusty to scan...
    the edges are printing rough, it's not a clear straight line... and the barcode is so small, it makes it even worse.

    I've been printing International labels with this printer for almost a decade (using ShipWorks and Endicia)...
    this problem has only risen with our migration to ShipStation.

    Any other Zebra users wanna share their settings?
  • hipsoulhipsoul Member
    A Usual Suspect
    edited November 2014
    SOLUTION TO LAST RESPONSE: After testing and testing and testing, I discovered the issue with barcodes not printing clearly...
    open your Printer settings dialog > click "Options" tab > change from "Halftone (or whatever it's set at)" to "Threshold".

    Halftones are for photographic images with gradients / shading...
    Threshold is more like 50/50 (black OR white), which prints barcodes much cleaner.

    The Dazzle software that Endicia provides with a full account was overriding our local windows printer settings...
    so when we migrated to ShipStation it reverted to the un-tweaked local settings... now tweaked, it works great!
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