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Consider the many synonyms for "Initiate"

APR@32A3EAPR@32A3E Member
An Apprentice
Silly (but serious) passing thought:

Is it just my colorful imagination, or does your brain also mistakenly read,


when seeing the subhead under your username? My conscious brain totally understands that It's SUPPOSED to read "Initiate", as in, "fire up", neophyte, nooooobie.

But my innocently quirky subconscious picks up the words with a more sinister undertone. And it does it way faster than my conscious brain can slip in reminding me otherwise. Neuroscience. Quirky!

Perhaps consider a different user category title? New Recruit sounds good. Cadet? Rookie? New Kid on The Block (wait, is that too 80s?).

Anything without a prisoner's Freudian slip would do. I feel weird being a "New Inmate", having a barcode as a name...


  • infossinfoss Administrator
    The Ruler of All That is ShipStation
    While that's the first reaction of the type we've had to that naming, ya'll get to be Apprentices now. We hope you enjoy your new title, complete with 100% more alliteration! :D
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