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Kickstarter Creator

We just recently conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign and in a few months we're going to need to ship about 800 orders, so we're starting to plan the process.

Most of our customers will be in the U.S. but many are International. The basic package that most customers will receive includes a 9x12 book in a bumper box, five 9"x12" posters, and 5 greeting cards with envelopes. We're thinking that the cheapest method for domestic shipping may be to send the book via media mail and the other items in a rigid envelope (since media mail would not allow us to include everything). But we hate to send two separate shipments if it isn't necessary. We're also wondering what the cheapest International option will be. Ebay has a system whereby you ship within the U.S. to a central station and they handle the International. We're wondering if we need to find something like this.

I'd be very interested to hear, based upon this rough description, if anyone has any innovative ideas for how we can simplify this and keep it affordable. Unfortunately, many of these books will be personalized, so this could be a very complicated logistical process.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have to offer.



  • Amanda@33C26Amanda@33C26 Member
    An Apprentice
    HI Wendy,
    My company has recently started using UPS SurePost™. Packages are shipped and transported via UPS, then passed off to the USPS for final residential delivery. It allows for a cheaper shipping rate than UPS Ground, yet still allows for the tracking and package handling service of UPS. Rates are all weight based, and have a sweet spot of between 3-8 or 9 pounds. This may be a viable option, and certainly shouldn't take as long in transit as media mail through the USPS.

    Internationally, I've found the USPS to be the cheapest shipping option. It may differ based on your international volume (of which I don't have much), but something to look into. I have no experience with Ebay, so can't comment on that option. I've been told FedEx has better international/air service, while UPS has better domestic/ground service. Just my 2 cents! Best of luck to you!
  • Ari@32BFCAri@32BFC Member
    An Apprentice
    Hi Wendy,

    Not sure if you shipped your Kickstarter orders yet. But we have used Fedex Smartpost (same service as UPS SurePost). For packages more than 1 lbs. Its a lot cheaper and only a bit slower. So if your on a tight budget it can really be a helpful service to take advantage of.
    Just check before since not all Fulfillment centers offer this service. I know that Shipwire, Fulfillrite and Amazon for sure do offer it.

    Good Luck.
  • Brad@478A0Brad@478A0 Member
    An Apprentice
    I used endicia for my Kickstarter orders (8000ish) for the last 3 years, I recently came to ship Station as Endicia screwed up on the INT labels pretty bad. So far I couldn't be happier with ShipStation although I'm having issues with customs forms not combining the same item in the lines.
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