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Custom Logo Workaround for Bronze Plan

cobradogscobradogs Member
An Apprentice
Hey all, just wanted to share a tip if you want your custom logo on your labels but only have the Bronze plan which does not allow this. I don't ship much and when I do it is seasonal so 8 months out of the year I was paying $45 a month just to have an SS account as well as have custom labels. I used to be able to do this with the Bronze plan but they switched to the Silver plan and up without any kind of info on the update. Well, it took me hours to figure out why when it stopped working. Anyway, paying $45 just for that feature to me is outlandish and so now I am paying $25 a month all year just to ship a few packages. But hey! It's great software and I guess I am also paying to not have to stand in line at the Post Office which is nice, to say the least. But I also want that profession label when I do ship.

Well, I found a way to do it with the Bronze plan if anyone else is in my position. OK, so..... this may seem obvious but I all I did was pre print my labels. To do this, all I did was print out an existing mail label from a package I had shipped. Took a guess for logo placement (in my case, just to the right of my return address) and printed one label with just the logo. I held the label with just logo directly on top of the shipping abel and held it up to the light to see placement. Boom, first try! Adjust as needed if you are not as lucky as me :)

So, when you get a good line up on your logo/shipping label just print an entire (or however many you feel like) roll of just your logo. Roll it back up after it's done printing and load back in the printer. Bam. Done. I did a full roll of 220 labels and it was a lot of labels to roll back up. However, I have a workaround for that too. INTERNS.

Hope this helps anyone in my position that owns small business and can't afford the Silver plan but still wants professional looking packages.

(I use the Dymo Labelwriter XL, but I am sure you could do this with any printer you use)


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